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This trip by bike and sailboat will take you, through land and sea, to discover the natural treasures and cultural heritage of the Gulf of Naples. We will ride in the fascinating ​​Flegrea area, the volcanic area located in the Gulf of Pozzuoli, and on the island of Ischia, where we will cover scenic routes to discover seaside villages and spectacular bays. Here we will also stop in the thermal baths of the Fonte delle Ninfe of Nitrodi for a regenerating dip. We will also sail on the waves towards Procida, a beautiful island with its colourful villages and wide tufa bays, lapped by a turquoise sea. Come on and admire the enchanting Gulf of Naples on board of our boat, equipped with every comfort and highly qualified staff, and rely on our expert bike guides to experience unforgettable emotions on two wheels.


​1st day: welcome, meeting with the Skipper and the Guide for the starting briefing; accomodation in the galley and shipment to Darsena Acton.​

2nd day: landing to Pozzuoli's port, tour in bike (Bianchi MTB or Trekking) in the Flegrea area

Difficulty: medium 

Distance: about 37 km.

Duration: about 5 hours

In the afternoon embarkation at Pozzuoli

3rd day: landing to Sant’Angelo of Ischia. We will go round the island of Ischia by E-Bike. Stop at Fonte delle Ninfe di Nitrodi to have a bath in the thermal water (get your costume). In the afternoon embarkation at the port of Sant’Angelo.

Difficulty: medium (in E-bike).

Distance: about 35 km.

Duration: about 5 hours

4th day: we will go around the island of Procida by boat, with a stop and swim in the Vivara's park. In the evening return to the port of Naples.

Bike Tours Campi Flegrei by


Total km in Bike about 72 – Total difference in altitude 1021 m



1st day:

In the afternoon before embarking at Darsena Acton in Naples, it will be the meeting with the Skipper and the Guide for the starting briefing. Then, we'll proceed with the accomodation in the galley. In the evening you can have dinner on board or visit the city and have dinner in an authorized restaurant.

2nd day:

Sport, culture and total relax the perfect mix for those who decide to participate in this tour.


Entering the heart of the Campi Flegrei, one of the oldest areas of our territory, entire chapters of history will overlap. We will cycle along the coast passing through the suggestive Castello Aragonese di Baia, Piscina Mirabilis and Casina Vanvitelliana, without forgetting the Monte di Procida where we will seem to touch the island of Procida with our hands.

The panoramas offered by the volcanic lakes will be exciting: Lucrino, Miseno, Fusaro and Averno where we will meet a stretch of dirt track.


If you want, we can make a stop at one of the farms located along the coast of the lake at Lago d'Averno, tasting wines and snacks of own production, walking through the magnificent vineyards, the cost per person is € 30.00.

Finally, we will conclude our journey by heading again towards the port of Pozzuoli.

Barca a vela bike tour Boat&Bike in the gulf of Naples, by

Bike route's details:


Difficulty: medium

Total km in bike: about 37 km

Total difference in altitude: about 420 m

Duration without visits: about 3 hours

Duration with visits: about 5/6 hours

Bike tour, Boat&Bike, tour Planimetry of the tour 4 Phlegrean lakes, by
Bike tour, Boat & Bike, tour Planimetry of the tour in the gulf of Naples
Bike tour Boat & Bike in the Gulf of Naples by


Castello Aragonese di Baia: stands out of Baia, in an area of considerable strategic importance of Bacoli. It was on top of a promontory defended naturally, to the east, by a high tufaceous cliff overlooking the sea, and to the west by the deep depression of the caldera of two volcanoes called "Fondi di Baia". Equipped with walls, ditches and drawbridges, the castle was practically impregnable. Its position allowed a very wide control of the area, preventing the approach of enemy fleets.

Piscina Mirabilis: in Miseno, on the north-west side of the Gulf of Naples, there is the largest Roman cistern of drinking water ever built. It dates from the Augusteo period, it is entirely excavated in the tuff and has a capacity of 12,000 cubic meters of water. The impressive architectural work, which will not fail to amaze you, is 15 meters high, 72 meters long and 25 meters wide. It is covered by a barrel vault supported by 48 huge cruciform pillars, arranged in four rows to form five long naves.

Bike tour Boat & Bike in the Gulf of Naples by

Casina VanvitellianaOn Lake Fusaro in Bacoli stands the Casina vanvitelliana, a building from the Bourbon era in an area intended for hunting and fishing.

The atmosphere is fairytale to the point of renaming the Casina di Pinocchio construction, because it recalls the house of the Blue Fairy in the famous '72 play with the direction of Luigi Comencini.

Bike Tour Campi Flegrei by

Monte di Procida: known for being the terrace of the Campi Flegrei. From various panoramic points of its territory it is possible to have a particularly view, to the east the gulf of Naples, the Sorrento peninsula and Capri, to the south the islands of Procida and Ischia, to the west the islands of Ventotene, Ponza and Circeo , then continue north with the Caserta plain and the Matese.

Barca a vela e Bike Tours Campi Flegrei, by

In the evening we will sail from Pozzuoli going to the island of Ischia. Dinner on board.

Duration of navigation: about 1,5 hours


For this tour we suggest to use a Trekking Bike or a MTB, included in the travel quota.

For those who wish something different, we have available E-Bike Cube. A supplement of € 10.00 will be applied.

Bike used during the Bike tour Boat & Bike tra lago Lucrino, bacoli Miseno e d'Averno, by

3rd day:

In the morning we will arrive at Sant'Angelo of Ischia and we'll begin our riding bike tour on Ischia island.

Full day dedicated to the discovery of the largest island in the Campania archipelago. We will ride among some of the prettiest municipalities of Ischia, such as Lacco Ameno, famous all over the world for its thermal baths and the charming historic center, and Forio, with its natural pools and ancient churches. We will climb up towards Serrara Fontana, from where we can enjoy the spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples and admire, to the north, Mount Epomeo, the extinct volcano that dominates the island. We will then stop in Barano for a refreshing bath in the thermal waters of the Nitrodi Fountain of Nymphs.

Bike route's details:

Difficulty: medium

Total km in bike: about 35 km

Total difference in altitude: about 601 m

Duration without visits: about 3 hours

Duration with visits: about 6 hours

Tour Boat & Bike in the gulf of Naples, by
Tour Boat&Bike, visit to the island of Ischia, by


The Fonte delle Ninfe di Nitrodi is a space of rare harmony and beauty. It gives wellbeing to the body and the spirit, thanks to the scientifically recognized therapeutic properties known for over two millennia. The waters of Nitrodi flow directly from the depths of the rock and are famous since Roman times. In fact, there was a small sanctuary dedicated to Apollo and to the Nymphs "Nitrodi", custodians of the Fonte. The patients came to bathe and drink water to benefit from his exceptional therapeutic abilities on the osteoarticular system and in association with heliotherapy and thalassotherapy, dermatological diseases.

Bike tour Boat&Bike 4 Day in the Gulf of Naples by

In the evening we will have a dinner in Sant’Angelo d’Ischia at Enoteca La Stadera, where you can taste the best island wines, accompanied by tasty salami and cheeses.


For this tour the use of E-Bike Cube bikes is included in the travel quota. For those who wish, carbon racing bikes are available (Bianchi "Sempre" or "Intenso" with Campagnolo Athena or Shimano Ultegra group).

Bike tour Boat&Bike in the gulf of Naples, by
Bike tour Boat & Bike in the Gulf of Naples by

4th day:

In the morning we will circumnavigate the island of Procida on boat. We will stop for having a bath in the Vivara's park.

Duration of navigation: about 1 hour

This day will be completely dedicated to the adventure on board. You will have the opportunity to admire Procida by a new perspective.

In the evening we will return in the port of Naples to conclude our holiday.


Costs per person (in double cabin) for groups of 6/8 participants:

  • March and November               € 700.00

  • April to May                                € 880.00

  • June/September/October        € 990.00   


Supplement for single cabin: The cost will be calculated with an extra of 50% compared to the double cabin and depending on the season chosen.

Services included:

  • Navigation and overnight stays by boat (in the harbor);

  • Outboard Tender;

  • Bicycle and helmet rental;

  • Cycling guide;

  • Oil;

  • Boat final cleaning.


Services not included:

  • During the bike tours you have two options for lunch: "breakfast bag" (€ 15.00 per person, includes: typical products of Campania, water and dessert) or lunch in a restaurant / farm (average price of about € 45.00 / 50.00 per person, includes: starter, first course, second course, fruit. Beverages are not included);

  • Overnight in port: the cost per person will be calculated according to the season (the cost is about € 90.00);

  • Galley, which will be carried out on the first day (before boarding all together) for about € 60.00 per person;

  • Supply of bed linen at a cost of € 15.00 per person;

  • Tickets for archaeological sites;

  • Possible tips;

  • Extras and everything not included in "included services".

Notes: Depending on weather conditions the skipper will be able to decide any variations in navigation.

On request personalized tours.

For more information and booking, write to:



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