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In the heart of Dolomites - Bormio

An extraordinary tour where you can enjoy unique views and experience a challenge with yourself. Starting from Bormio, where a series of routes lead to the most important rides for cyclists all over the world, made famous by the runners of the Giro d'Italia, who have undergone sporting battles followed by millions of racing bikers.

First day: Bormio, Mazzo di Valtellina, Mortirolo Pass, Ponte di Legno, Gavia Pass, Bormio

Path: Medium difficulty

Distance: about 101 Km.

Difference in altitude: about 2900 mt.

Journey time: about 6 hours (excluding  visits).

Journey time whit stops: about 8 hours (including visits).

Mortirolo: is known by all for the prohibitive slopes and for the companies of the then debut Marco Pantani at the Giro d'Italia in 1994. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bike tours to emulate the great runners of the Giro Italy. Mortirolo's climb is known all over the world and has a difficulty outside the normal range: a distance of 12.4 Km, for a difference of 1300 m, with a maximum slope of 18%.

Gavia Pass: the transfer to the Ponte di Legno is pleasant and prepares for the rise of the mythical Gavia (Brescia side), long and with a reasonable difficulty (distance of 17.3 km for a difference of 1363 m). The return to Bormio is pleasant, but the stretch to S. Caterina Valfurva needs special attention.

Second day: Bormio, Foscagno Pass, Livigno, Bormio

Path: Medium difficulty

Distance: about 65 Km.

Difference in altitude: about 2000 mt.

Journey time: about 5 hours (excluding  visits).

Journey time whit stops: about 7 hours (including visits).

Livigno: departures from Bormio follow the road to Stelvio. For 7 Km the road is a quiet uphill. The only difficulty of the Foscagno is its relative length that can put the least prepared in crisis. It is easy to climb with discrete relationships without ever encountering real difficulties: the ascent is always constant and only a few miles from the step increases slightly. Towards the end of our effort, we will cross artificial tunnels built to protect the road (the only way of communication in winter with Livigno's exterior) by sudden taps. When there's a small lake on the right, it means we're about half a mile from the real step.

Third Day: Bormio, Stelvio Pass, Prato dello Stelvio, Umbrail Pass, Bormio

Path: Medium difficulty

Distance: about 98 Km.

Difference in altitude: about 3250 mt.

Journey time: about 6 hours (excluding  visits).

Journey time whit stops: about 7 hours (including visits).

Stelvio Pass: it is probably the best-known and loved trail that the beautiful mountains around Bormio can offer, for the two wheels. These climbs have dealt with the best cyclists of all time and the 2700 m altitude of the Stelvio Pass are for those who pedal, an ambitious and satisfying goal. The departure from Bormio allows us to approach the summit with a series of bends that quickly and effortlessly allow us to gain a share.

Umbrail Pass: in the stage of May 23, 2017, the Centennial Tour faced for the first time the Umbrail Pass, the Swiss side of Stelvio, the least known. Completely paved only by 2015, this little beaten track from cars crosses wild alpine scenery in a truly evocative atmosphere, bursting among high altitude mountain pastures and marmot whistles. The Umbrail climb starts at Santa Maria Val Müstair (1,375 meters), connecting the Canton of Grisons to the upper Valtellina. In fact, the valley (2,503 m) is located about 3 km below the Stelvio Pass, and to go back to Italy you have to cross another 250 m in altitude.

Fourth Day: Bormio, Gavia Pass, Ponte di Legno, Tonale Pass, Bormio

Path: Medium difficulty

Distance: about 98 Km.

Difference in altitude: about 2950 mt.

Journey time: about 5 hours (excluding  visits).

Journey time whit stops: about 7 hours (including visits).

Gavia Pass: the climb from the valley of the valley is expected to leave Bormio (1220 m asl) and climb for 26 km with very challenging trails. The climb to the Passo del Gavia is very special, as it provides an infinite series of simple and pedalable traits with very challenging trails, with a long falsoplane in the last 3 km. We leave from Bormio and head towards Santa Caterina Valfurva, on a wide road with two teething vaults. There are easy traits, where you can take breath and enjoy the panorama, spaced with challenging trails with important slopes. The average slope of the climb is 6.5% and the maximum slope is 14% for a difference of about 1400 m.

Tonale Pass: very interesting is the ascent to the Passo da Ponte di Legno, along which the forests of the valley floor drift near the passage, leaving space for the spectacular views of the Adamello group. The destination is the Pasale Tonale, a renowned ski resort and destination for trekking, history and MTB lovers. In 1984, at the 63rd edition of the Giro d'Italia, this passion went to Valle Camonica. First it was arranged that the race would pass for Stelvio, but due to the abundant snowfall it was necessary to divert the path for the Tonale and Palade passes, then go down to Merano. Some opened up a controversy, arguing that everything had been done for Moser.

Cost per person*

Minimum 15/20 pax

Low Season: € 750.00/person
High Season: € 900.00/person

Included services:

  • Overnight stay with half board service with SPA;

  • Obligatory Safety helmet;

  • Winter jackets and leg warmers

  • Vans Whit technical support;

  • Integration (mineral salts, power bars and gel);

  • Packed lunch.

Not included services:

  • Admission to museums;



Possibility to rent bicycles:
E-Bike: € 20,00 / per day
Road Bike: € 20,00 / per day
Bike trekking: € 10,00 / day

Possibility of transfer roundtrip (upon reservation).

Customized tours on request.

*booking and more info send an email to:​ 

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