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Basilicata Coast to Coast - Road Bike : Enogastronomic tour that will take us to the discovery of landscapes and flavors of the "Lucania", among the various metes that we will meet during the journey, we must certainly mention the splendid Sapri and Maratea with its extraordinary Veiled Christ. Then, inspired by the homonymous film by Rocco Papaleo, we will leave for the real tour, meeting countries like Trecchina, Lauria, Aliano (from which Carlo Levi inspired his work "Christ stopped at Eboli"), Viggiano, with its sanctuary dedicated to the Black Madonna, and Craco, with its historic ghost center, and then reach Scanzano Jonico.

Basilicata Coast to Coast - Road
Basilicata Coast to Coast - Trekking

Basilicata Coast to Coast - Trekking Bike : Four unforgettable days of fun and good food. The route retraces the steps carried out by Rocco Papaleo in "Basilicata coast to coast", and through landscapes like Maratea and Craco, and great history countries as Aliano. We will have time to visit such wonders as the sanctuary of Viggiano, with its Black Madonna, or the remains of the center of Craco, the ghost town abandoned after the events of the '60 landslide.

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