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Enogastronomic tour that will take us to the discovery of landscapes and flavors of the "Lucania", among the various towns that we will meet during the journey, we must certainly mention the splendid Sapri and Maratea with its extraordinary Christ Redeemer. Inspired by the homonymous film by Rocco Papaleo, "Basilicata cost to cost", will leave for the real tour, meeting countries like Trecchina, Lauria, Aliano (from which Carlo Levi inspired his work "Christ stopped at Eboli"), Viggiano, with its sanctuary dedicated to the Black Madonna, and Craco, with its historic ghost center, and then reach Scanzano Jonico.

Day 1

Path: Medium difficulty 

Distance: about 38 Km.

Difference in altitude: about 1390 mt.

Journey time: about 3 hours (excluding  visits).

Journey time whit stops: about 5 hours (including visits).

Point of interest:

Maratea: "Maybe in Italy there aren't more superb scenery and views. Imagine dozens and dozens of kilometers of rugged cliffs with caves, rocks and smooth beaches in front of the most spectacular of the seas, now opened wide and open, now closed as sparse small docks. Separed by a dolomitic chain, all flesh-colored rocks, dotted with semi-abandoned villages, crumbling castles and ancient Saracen towers, a wooded slope passed by rivers and streams and buried under the foliage of oaks and chestnut trees. »
(Indro Montanelli)

Maratea is the only municipality of the province to look out over the sea, stretching for about 32 km on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its coast, set in a unique geographical and environmental location , is variegated of inlets and caves, rocks and shallows.
Numerous and characteristics coastal beaches, which one faces  the island of Santo Janni.
Worthy of attention are the seabed and 131 marine and land caves, some of which have yielded fossils and prehistoric artifacts. On all stands the Cave of Marina with stalactites and stalagmites.
In addition, the mountains inland, arriving with their ridges on the sea, creating a strong visual contrast of sea and mountains, that gives life to picturesque views and visual views.

Day 2

Path: Medium difficulty 

Distance: about 142 Km.

Difference in altitude: about 2350 mt.

Journey time: about 7 hours (excluding  visits).

Journey time whit stops: about 9 hours (including visits).

Point of interest:

Aliano: Perched on a clay hill at 555 m s.l.m., overlooking the Val d'Agri and the stream Sauro in the central-western part of the province on the border with the central-eastern province of Potenza. In its territory there are many gullies. It's bordered on the northern side by the municipalities of Stigliano (14 km) and Gorgoglione (20 km), to the eastern with Sant'Arcangelo (PZ) (17 km), on the southern by Roccanova (PZ) (21 km) and on the western with Missanello (PZ ) (14 km). It is part of the Montana Matera Hills. Is 94 km from Matera and 83 km from Potenza.

Carlo Levi: In the recent history of this small town you can not recall the writer Carlo Levi who set the book Christ Stopped at Eboli (1945). Levi, during the fascist regime, in 1935-36,  was sentenced to confinement in Lucania because of his anti-fascist activities and spent a long time in Basilicata, first in Grassano and subsequently in Aliano (which in the book is called Gagliano, imitating the local pronunciation ), where he met the reality of that land and its people. The writer expressed in his will to be buried in Aliano among its farmers. In the country are still intact all the places described in the novel and in the alleys are imprinted some book symbol sentences. Levi had here the opportunity to discover another Italy which was, in fact, that peasant of the South.

Day 3

Path: Medium difficulty 

Distance: about 75 Km.

Difference in altitude: about 1140 mt.

Journey time: about 6 hours (excluding  visits).

Journey time whit stops: about 8 hours (including visits).

Point of interest:

Craco: Craco (Cracum or Graculum in Latin) is an Italian town of 762 inhabitants in the province of Matera, Basilicata.In the sixties, the old town has experienced an evacuation that made it a veritable ghost town. However, this phenomenon has helped make particular the village of Craco, and this feature has it become a tourist destination and a movie set for several films. It's located in the hills above the Lucanian Apennines at about 390 m s.l.m., halfway between the mountains and the sea, in the central-western part of the province. 

There are vary type of territories, with a predominance of the gullies, deep grooves cut in a chalky soil from the downhill run of rainwater.Because of a landslide of vast proportions, in 1963 Craco began to be evacuated and the inhabitants moved to the valley in "Craco Peschiera." Then the center had almost 2,000 inhabitants.

The landslide that forced the population to flee their homes seems to have been provoked by works of infrastructure, sewer and water systems, in service of the town. In 1972 a flood further worsened the situation, preventing a possible repopulation of the historic center, and after the earthquake of 1980 Craco old was completely abandoned.In spite of this forced exodus, Craco remains intact, becoming a ghost town. In 2010, the village has entered in the list of monuments to be safeguarded drawn up by the World Monuments Fund. The town, in the implementation of a recovery plan of the village, has been setted up, since the spring of 2011, for a guided tour route, along a made safe route, which allows you to walk the main street of the town, to get at what remains of the old main square, sunk following the landslide. In December 2012, a new route was opened, which leads into the core of the ghost town.

Cost per person *:
-low season € 670,00
-high season € 720,00

Minimum number of participants: 6/7

Services included:

  • Guide;

  • Bike;

  • Safety helmet;

  • Lunch box;

  • Shuttle with technical support;

  • Nights in hotels with half board treatment.

Not included services: 

  • Admisson to museums.


  • e-bike € 20,00 / day

Transfer by private shuttle from Naples to Maratea and from Scanzano Jonico to Naples on request

Customized tours on request.

*booking and more info send an email to:​ 

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